What a Week

Well you can see that I already missed a week. I had quite a week.

I ended up in the hospital last weekend. I think I had food poisoning, and then I got seriously dehydrated. I was there overnight. It seriously took me most of the week to get rehydrated and get my energy back. I’m just now back to normal. Plus we have a special project at work that had a very short suspense.

I am working on a couple of posts now that come from the message today at my church. It has really made me think hard. I will post them when the video of the service comes up. I’m also working on an article about a fun Christmas idea, although it works well for birthdays or other gift giving events, too.

Have a good week and expect more in the next couple of days.


I had an eye-opening experience on Halloween night at Wal-Mart. We all know Wal-Mart on Halloween night is pretty bizarre — people in costumes (some appropriate for public and some not so much) and kids running everywhere. I walked in and turned down the front aisle towards the restrooms. As I neared them, I heard a cough, and suddenly a young woman in her late teens with orange hair and a purple knit hat walks out of an empty register aisle and right in front of my cart. I stopped and waited for her, and she gave me a very weird look as she headed in t the restroom. I parked my cart and went in as well. She was at the first sink straight ahead. I had just passed her when I heard her say (slightly modified) “You really shouldn’t look at me that way. It’s effing rude.” Continue reading

Blog Reboot

As you know my blog has been dormant for quite a while. That is about to change. I am going to change what I was doing. I love talking about the special people in my life, but it can be a very emotional experience, especially if the people have passed on. I got bogged down with that. I am back and what I want to do is write.

I will be writing on varied subjects. At least once a month, I will be writing about the special people in my life, but not necessary in chronological order.

I will have a post tomorrow about an experience that I had this past week.

I’m looking forward to engaging with you all.

The Encouraging Push

We picture an encouraging person as a feel good huggie person, and they often are. Sometimes, in addition to offering encouraging words, they offer words of wisdom. They offer direction that pushes us, much like a mother bird pushing her babies out of the nest. I think that’s a good analogy for my relationship with Dr. L. Dale Potratz, my Bible teacher from Christ Unlimited Bible Institute.  Continue reading

Steel Sharpens Steel

When you think of an encouraging person, you usually think of someone who is warm and fuzzy. We all need those kinds of people in our lives. We also need another kind of encourager – those who encourage us to do more. They push us out of our comfort zone and push us to do more than we think we can. They don’t mince words, they tell us exactly like it is because they know that’s their job. It is like steel sharpening steel. They make us better. Dr. Al Metsker was just such a person. Continue reading


Have you ever had that feeling where you just don’t belong? I had that pretty much through high school. It wasn’t that I didn’t have friends. I did. It was just that they always had other friends who were their best friends. I didn’t really have that one or two bffs. I existed on the edge of other people’s lives. I didn’t expect it to be different when I went to college, but it was.

Continue reading